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Dental Loupes, Sophisticated Tools For Dental Science

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Posted on August 15, 2008 by Dental Loupes

Invention of dental loupes has been highly useful for dentists who use the device for better scrutinization of the entities within the patients’ mouths vis-a-vis teeth. The large view generated by the dental loupes helps dentists diagnose the ailment or dysfunction in the mouth of the patient and offer right medication or do right surgery. Additionally, dental loupes can also be of great assistance for dentists in determining the length a...

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What Are Dental Loupes, and How Do They Help Dentists?

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By Simon Harris

Many people who have not worked in a dentist's office or whom are not trained dentists have not heard the term "dental loupes". I'm sure they have seen them, however, but simply had no idea what they were called. This is essentially a device worn on the head over the eyes, either over clear lenses (people with no need for corrective lenses) or there are some that fit right over your native glasses as well, adjustable to your vision needs. This device is used to see into...

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Dental Loupe is a tool

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Courtesy Mr Rajesh Chowdhry's blog

you can read his other blogs at Enlightening the Kerma


Few months ago, I met an instructor of a dental hygiene program. Her school is known and popular amongst students. The school is often referred to as a futuristic playground for dental hygiene students, and the instructor...

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